• If I'd had Safe & Sound in the Hospital when my father was in the hospital,
    he'd be alive today.

    Karen Curtiss, Author, Safe & Sound in the Hospital

Even in top hospitals, 1/3 of all patients are harmed by accident.

Get safe and sound care for the people you love.

Get Safe & Sound in the Hospital.

Health care leaders speak up for Safe & Sound in the Hospital
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“It is written in a lay person’s language so it’s easy to follow.” (Lorie Gardner RN)
“This guide is filled with common sense, practical ideas, cheerful tools, firsthand experience, the wisdom of a mother, daughter, wife and sister, and most important, the critical checklists that help reduce the risks associated with hospitalization.” (Lisa M.)


“This book taught me that it’s OK to question doctors and nurses to prevent medical errors.” (Maggy A.)


Safe & Sound in the Hospital is your must-have checklist guide to

  • Help prevent deadly staph infections
  • Choose the safest days and months for surgery
  • Detect signs of “going downhill” — and what to do ASAP
  • Common problems after a hospital stay — and  and how to prevent a “round trip” to the hospital
  • Plus 100′s more “insider” tips…with lots of pages for your notes, too. 

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