Karen Curtiss of PartnerHealth has contributed in an innovative way to improve the quality and safety of health care by involving and empowering patients and families.  PartnerHealth’s mission aligns with the QSEN competency of patient-centered care by providing family and friends with tools needed for active involvement in care.  The nursing leader workshop builds the capacity of front-line nurses to work with patents and families, which is essential to improve quality and safety in health care. – Mary A. Dolansky, RN PhD, Director, QSEN Institute


Ms. Curtiss has become a nationally renowned patient advocate, who witnessed her father’s death from multiple healthcare associated conditions and infections. In addition, her husband developed sepsis after a bowel resection. She channeled this experience into a relentless campaign to teach patients how to take basic precautions to avoid adverse events, and to encourage patients to speak-up to get quality healthcare. 

She has partnered with hospitals and the end result is the Safe & Sound in the Hospital process that provides patients with multiple checklists and teaching aids to educate them on the avoidance of adverse events. Ms. Curtiss also is an excellent teacher and gives lectures to patients and community organizers for training in her program. Ms. Curtiss is a true patient advocate and serves as an example for others to emulate. – Kevin Kavanagh MD, Board Chair, HealthWatch USA


Through the use of helpful checklists and tools, Karen Curtiss has transformed her family’s negative healthcare experiences into positive strategies and interventions to achieve better health outcomes. Her ability to turn healthcare statistics into meaning on a personal level was inspiring and effective at motivating the audience to immediate action within their own facilities. I would highly recommend Karen as a speaker and motivator! – Lynn Perrine RN, Program Specialist, Telligen


Karen Curtiss inspired participants at our conference, Quality and Safety Education for Nurse Educators and Clinical Leaders, with her important and timely message about patients and families as essential collaborators in patient safety and quality.  She provides an exceptional presentation that provides practical tools and information on how health professionals can engage with patients and their caregivers to deliver safe and effective care. – Jan Boller, Doctor of Nursing Practice Program/Health Systems Leadership, Western University of Health Sciences


I was very impressed with Karen’s presentation at the Southern California QSEN workshop.  Her presentation was DYNAMIC, entertaining, and thought provoking.  As a seasoned nurse, I appreciate her patient centered approach and advocacy for intervention and prevention. – Tracy Snider RN, MSN, College Professor/Emergency Department Supervisor


 Karen Curtiss is an amazing dynamo who has taken personal tragedy and turned it into an avenue of true blessing for thousands of people through her Safe and Sound in the Hospital book series for patients and patient families. Gracious, thoughtful, and encouraging to all with whom she works, I am unequivocal in my endorsement of Karen and her mission of improving patient outcomes in hospitals. – Bill Thatcher, Executive Director, Cautious Patient Foundation 


Karen Curtiss has harnessed the power of checklists to present a compilation of information that is both useful and inspirational for hospital patients and their families.  Safe & Sound in the Hospital is a practical tool that can help make any hospital stay go more smoothly.– Helen Haskell, Founder, Mothers Against Medical Error 


People are no longer satisfied being ‘patient’ in their health care experience.  It is up to each of us to find our voice in order to partner with the health care team.  Safe & Sound in the Hospital does a brilliant job of helping people find their voice, understand how important it is to communicate and how to do that in a productive, positive way. Robin Shapiro, Vice President, Allied Health Advocates LLC


The elimination of Hospital Acquired Infections (HAI’s) and other preventable medical errors remains among the highest priorities of the health care industry, as well as being one of the industry’s most significant challenges. Unfortunately, the severe threat and extreme consequences of HAI’s and medical errors has never been adequately brought to the forefront of the American public. 

Karen Curtiss should be applauded for focusing a spotlight on this critically important issue having such a direct and immediate impact on patient safety. Her approach to educating patients’ families regarding the possible sources of HAI’s and coordination of care failures that lead to medical complications is sensitive, straightforward, and easy to understand. Her recommended action steps toward prevention are simple, practical, and most importantly, effective. Karen Curtiss is truly an Advocate for all of us who will one day find ourselves assisting a loved one through a hospital stay or personally living through that same experience. Our probability of a favorable outcome will be much greater as a result of her efforts. – Ray Mulligan, Vice President, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois